Saturday, January 16, 2010

Perfect Collision

I received a birthday card from a friend and it said "Do You Remember when you were a Kid and You Wanted to Grow Up to be Something Special?" I watch my own teenagers now and they have incredible aspirations of what they will become! I love that. When I was a kid life happened to me. I did not make it happen or so it would seem in retrospect. My kids entertain possibilities that make my eyes widen at their chutzpah. Instead of showing my amazement, I take it in stride and help them to develop the first steps of the plan to get there. I encourage them to think big. To choose their destiny. If they shoot for the stars they will at least touch the moon.

I am creating my second childhood. I grew up in a time where you took what you could jobwise. There were just too many baby boomers. And then it proceeded from there. It wasn't bad. But it is at this point that I am defining my dreams and reaching for them. A delayed childhood. How fun that is. I am settled financially, my kids are ready to go out on their own, my health is good and I am defining my dreams. A perfect collision of circumstances. An endless list of possibilities!

Places to see and experience. Business to start. Books to read. Wine to drink. People to share. Races to run. Skills to learn. This is what I want to do with my time now.

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