Saturday, January 9, 2010

Robin Sharma's Wisdom

Robin Sharma wrote about 62 Ways to Make 2010 Your Best Year Yet There were some gems in that post. Here are my favorites from that list and my thoughts on each.

1. Take an intelligent risk every 24 hours. It made me make a call that I was procrastinating on and it provided a small breakthrough. And when I made the call that I was afraid to make there were no adverse consequences! Amazing.

2. Know Your Big 5: The five things that need to happen by the end of this year for you to feel it was your very best year yet. Good thought to identify that in advance. How many years go by one after another with a sameness that comes as a result of our quest for safety. I tried to list my Big 5 and ended up with a Big 7.

3. Be the Most Positive Person in every room you are in. When you work from your strengths you can be a positive influence in a room. When you compare yourself to others in a room and come up short (as you always will when you do that so don't do that)you work from a position of weakness and negativity. To be the positive influence, think of the things you bring to the room, get interested in other people's strengths and watch what happens.

4. Be a problem solver versus a trouble maker. Which are you? Do you stir up drama so you can be the centre of the story being written in that moment? Become the person who can dissipate and not participate in drama that others create. Rise above the chaos without condescension.

5. Be Patient. Slow and Steady Wins the Race. Nothing good happens overnight. Things happen as a result of working hard and smart. As a result of increasing your knowledge and aptitude in the areas you choose to follow. Patience.

6. Be Willing to Fail. It's the price of greatness. Tough one. Our adult lives are geared to avoid failure. So we do the things we already know we can do. We take fewer risks. Our world gets smaller. More predictable. Brings us back to "take an intelligent risk every 24 hours".

7. Consider that behind every fear lives your next level of growth. The thing that you are afraid to do is the thing that you must do. I think I am paraphrasing someone. I am afraid to make the phone call that could move the business forward. I make the call. It wasn't so bad. It moved the business forward. Powerfully simple.

8. Remember that the more you go to your limits, the more your limits expand. Back to the idea of living in a coccoon. Once again in our quest for a safe environment, we box ourselves in with limitations. One small change each day widens our scope and shows us who we can be. Expanding our limits feels victorious. Try it once. You will become addicted to the action associated with the expanding your limits!

9. Be obsessed with learning and self development. New skills expand your world. Your abilities. The people you interact with. The places you go to. The fears you move past. All good.

I am trying new things at an escalating rate and internally moving forward. Externally moving forward in smaller ways. The big ones I have yet to tackle. A job that is a less than optimal way to spend my time. A house that gives me some sort of strange social concept of status but requires me to work at a job that is a less than optimal way to spend my time. If I have 31.5 years left on this earth how do I want to spend it. That number gives me clarity and makes me realize that the 'things' that I have worked to own, to achieve and to do may no longer matter as much.

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