Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dreams and Reality

I miss the dreamy time where I would invent a product in all it's glory and detail. It is, in retrospect, the easy part. The easy part is that glorious research where you dream up the product and what it looks like. In my case, it was fun to work through the different themes for the trivia lines and determine the questions that would appeal most to my future customer.

And here I am, product available, dreams in the rear view mirror. I am working through all the little details that constitute the road to having a thriving line. These are the realities and they are a stark contrast to the dream. I still have the dream intact in my mind but it requires distinctly hard work to achieve it. It is the part that any budding entrepreneur does not think about when forming the dream. It is the artist who has decided to sell their artwork. It is the consultant with a great message who has to let the world know about it. It is the professional who returns to school to train for their new dream and now has to write exams. It is the product developer who must find a channel for distributing their product.

JFK dreamed of putting a man on the moon. He had people to take care of the actual execution of the dream. He drove it but others filled in the details.

The detail part is not a bad thing. Just distinctly different than the dream phase. Practical. Perplexing. Painfully incremental. Factual. Expensive. Risky. Exhiliarating at the same time!

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