Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Small Acts

It is interesting that as I work on the details for the business, they make me feel like I am a very small business labouring in anonymity from my kitchen island. The small actions make me feel like the business is small. I have 14 reps selling across Canada now. I have 60,000 units arriving in from China in 6 weeks. I have a sales manager who works for the company and loves what she does. Things are not small anymore.

So when I look at many larger companies, their business too, is also made up of endless small actions made by many people. Hotel chains are made up of many people at all levels doing many small actions that build to the functioning of a whole huge hotel chain. Apple Computers is a large group of people doing many small actions each day. So my small actions build to the whole and that is what I need to stay focused on. Each of those small activities in my day builds to the success of the whole. It makes every act important.

Sometimes when you feel uninspired it is rooted in one of two opposing thoughts. The first is that the things you are doing are small and insignificant to the whole big goal. The second is the intimidation of just how big the goal looks when you look at it in it's entirety and say "I'll never get there". The solution to either is just to take action. When you're feeling stuck just remind yourself to take action, any action even on the small stuff. Action begets action and pretty soon you are rolling along again. Many small tasks building to the big result.

Nobody starts out big. Everybody starts with all those seemingly insignificant actions that build momentum and help you to become what you are becoming.

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